About zoom audits

What is ?

ZOOM was founded in 2011 with the singular focus of re-inventing the premium audit process by leveraging technology.  The name "ZOOM" represents our corporate vision to create innovative services that provide fast, yet detailed online premium audits.

ZOOM has pioneered system-guided, policyholder completed audits for small businesses, as well as a platform for online collaboration between auditors and policyholders for larger more complex audits.  ZOOM’s tools and processes are incredibly easy to use and provide as much detail as physical audits.


Why choose ?

It just makes sense.   ZOOM’s superior process provides superior results. Our clients typically see 75% fewer disputes, 35% cost savings and 11% additional premium than with their prior vendor.   By providing policyholders with a self-service business strategy, a carrier can lower cost of service, improve customer satisfaction and establish a leadership reputation in client relations.


- Handles multiple entities
- Verifies payroll to 941's
- Handles subcontracted labor
- Handles split date audits and cancellations
- Allows for mid-term ownership changes, new locations and entity changes
- Allows for carrier specific rules or class codes

Benefits to Carriers

  • Lower cost
  • Consistent interpretation of standard audit rules
  • Improved policyholder satisfaction
  • Monthly reporting for improved premium collections
  • Fewer disputes because policyholder provides the data

Benefits to Policyholder

  • No business interruptions from auditors
  • Removes the mystery from the premium audit process
  • Allows policyholders to "true up" monthly
  • Improved carrier satisfaction

What makes ZOOM work?

Are you a tax expert?  Probably not.  But, you can file your taxes with tax preparation software because it asks the right questions and is user friendly.  Similarly, ZOOM asks plain English questions in a logical sequence that guides the policyholder through the process to the completion of a premium audit.  The software has rules embedded in the code and always asks the right questions for the applicable class codes, state(s) and the industry.

Why would policyholders use ZOOM Audits?

Even simpler. Because they can! Beginning as far back as the 1970's when self service gasoline stations appeared, consumers have chosen self-service options because of the freedom to complete tasks when it best fits their schedule. ZOOM Audits provides the policyholder with that freedom while removing the mystery and intimidation from the premium audit process.