Smarter Insurance Premium Audits

Import Records

Fast, detailed and accurate information imported directly from a trusted source.

Fewer Disputes

Our high level of engagement, consistent rules interpretation and exceptional customer service results in fewer audit disputes and satisfied policyholders!

Lower Cost

Leveraging technology in place of labor and eliminating travel expense results in significant cost savings!

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ZOOM Audits leverages web-based technology to provide a superior alternative to traditional mail, telephone and physical premium audits. ZOOM offers more than payroll reporting.  Our technology applies classification, state, industry, and carrier specific rules to produce accurate premium audits for a fraction of the cost.

ZOOM’s intuitive interview process guides policyholders start to finish through the audit.  Policyholders' answers change the audit behavior to ensure that all applicable rules and discounts are applied.  This results in a superior audit experience!

Compare to Traditional Premium Audits

Voluntary Audit
Telephone Audit
Physical Audit
ZOOM e-Audit
ZOOM ShareAudit
Gathers Premium Rating Exposure(s)
Policy Information Review
Detailed Standard Exception Analysis
Principal Inclusion/Exclusion Endorsement
Multi-Entity/State/Location Capability
Handles Subcontractors
Claimant Verification
Financial Records Import/Upload Capability
Verification Records Import Capability
50 State Rules & Classification Database
Automated Error Check Process
Live Auditor Interaction

What Offers



An ideal replacement for voluntary and phone premium audits, our e-Audit is a guided self-service tool that enables the policyholder to easily complete a fully documented and detailed premium audit online.



Our ShareAudit is an ideal replacement for physical premium audits.  ShareAudits provide an online collaboration between an experienced Auditor and policyholder that yields results comparable to a physical audit at a fraction of the cost.